Wau Diocese - Info and Basic Contacts


Bishop Moses Deng BolWau Diocese is a part of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Wau Diocese is located in Western Bahr el Ghazal State which is located in the Bahr el Ghazal region and it borders Aweil to the north, Gogrial to the northeast, Gbudwe to the south, Lol to the west, and Tonj to the east. Wau Diocese has an area diocese within it called Raja - see the Raja Area Diocese page for details

Administrative divisions

After South Sudan was divided into 28 federated states in 2015, the newly constituted Wau State was divided into eight counties. These counties are Kuarjina County, Roc Roc Dong County, Marial Bai County, Odechy County, Kangi County, Busalia County, Bagari County, and Baili County. Each county also received a county commissioner.

Towns and cities

The capital of Wau State is the city of Wau. The city of Wau is located on the Jur River in the state, and it is the second largest city in the country with an estimated population of 151,320 people in 2008. Wau, South Sudan has its own airport, and the city is located 650 kilometers (404 miles) from the Juba, the capital.

The city of Wau is the headquarters of Wau State, in which it lies. It also served as the capital of the erstwhile Western Bahr el Ghazal State, one of the original ten (10) states which constitute the Republic of South Sudan. The city is a culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse urban center.

Wau serves as a trading centre for the cotton, tobacco, peanuts (groundnuts), cereals, fruits, and vegetables grown in the irrigated area to the north and in the unirrigated south. Industrial products include processed and canned food, as well as wood and wooden products. An experimental rice research centre and a vocational training institute are located at Wau. The town is a centre of internal navigation on the Jur River, with routes emanating toward Bentiu and Malakal. A road and a railway connect it with Uwayl, and it has a domestic airport. 

                          A map showing Wau Diocese 

The diocesan bishop is the Most Rev Moses Deng Bol and he may be contacted via: 



The Most Rev Moses Deng Bol

c/o Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazel Internal Province and Bishop of ECSS Wau Diocese,

Opposite Wau Teaching Hospital,

PO Box 110, Juba, South Sudan

Phone No Sudan: +211 926954187      

or when in Kenya: +254 716641233


Other important diocesan staff contacts:

Secretary: Rev William Majok - dio.secretary@wau.anglican.org

Treasurer: Mr Malong G Akol - treasurer@wau.anglican.org

Communication  Coordinator: Rev Meshack Magak Ruai - communications@wau.anglican.org 

More contacts can be found on the Wau Diocese website: