South Sudan is Watching 

#South Sudan Is Watching Campaign

IGAD plans to hold the Council of Ministers Meeting on the 15th-16th of December 2017 which will be followed by the launch of the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) forum from the 17th -22nd December, 2017. South Sudanese Civil Society is very concerned on how the political discussions and process will address the needs of the everyday South Sudanese citizen. Thus we are working together to establish a system that will raise the voices of the people at the table in Addis Ababa. But we cannot do it alone. We need to show the parties of the conflict, IGAD, AU and the world that we the South Sudanese are watching closely and will not permit this opportunity to be lost. The people cannot continue to suffer at the hands of a few. We need to collectively demand that the parties genuinely engage in the HLRF and recognize this is their last opportunity to represent the interests of the people of South Sudan. As part of this we are demanding that the parties sign a ‘People’s Declaration for Peace’ at the launch of the HLRF. The declaration will be a public pledge addressed to the people of South Sudan, that leaders will sign to demonstrate their commitment to ending the conflict. We also need the Mediators to be fully mandated to lead the mediation process without undue influence and interference from IGAD Member States. We need them to show a serious commitment to bringing peace to South Sudan. We are calling upon all citizens of South Sudan to actively engage and keep a close watch over this
process. Together we must all demand and ensure a peaceful solution is reached for the future of our nation.

How you can participate: The campaign will be launched on December 15th on the anniversary of the conflict starting in 2013 as well as coinciding with the council of ministers meeting in Addis Ababa which will be followed by the Launch of the HLRF.

If your organization is planning any events to commemorate the December 15th you can include a mention of the campaign in your event, explain the campaign and as the audience to join us and show our leaders and the world that we are united as citizens and watching this process closely. Use the messaging and slogan of the campaign and spread the word. You can also join the South Sudan Civil Society Forum on the HLRF. Add your signature and your voice to the campaign and actions to ensure the HLRF is successful for the people of South Sudan.

Individual Citizens and Friends of South Sudan:
We have chosen to use the image of glasses as a symbol of this campaign. Put on a pair of glasses and take a photo and share online using the hashtag #SouthSudanIsWatching. You can also take the photo in different parts of the country with groups of people and add an additional hashtag for example: #WauIsWatching or #JubaisWatching or #MalakalisWatching. You can also follow our upcoming joint events and actions and come out to join us if it is in your city. We are powerful in numbers and together we will demonstrate that the people of South Sudan will no longer tolerate this war and the injustices committed against us.