Tonj Diocese - Info and Basic Contacts


Bishop Peter Yuol GurTonj Diocese is a part of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Tonj Diocese is located in Tonj State which is one of the states of South Sudan. It is located in the Bahr el Ghazal region and it borders Wau to the west, Gbudwe to the southwest, Gogrial to the northwest, Northern Liech to the northeast, Gok and Southern Liech to the east, and Western Lakes to the south and east.

Administrative divisions

Tonj State comprises what was formerly Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South Counties. The area is so large that at one time the South Sudan government considered dividing it up into two states instead of having one Tonj State. Previously, the areas comprising Tonj State had been part of Warrap State from 2011 to 2015. The city of Tonj serves the State Capital. Akec Tong Aleu was appointed Governor on 24 December 2015. The state cabinent, consisting of seven ministers and three advisors, was approved by the state's members of parliament in March 2016.

Tonj State has two major rivers: the Jur River in the northern part of the state and the Tonj River in the southern and eastern parts of the state.[4] Much of the land is considered suitable for agrarian activities. The state consists of 18 counties, largest of any state in South Sudan. It also contains the municipality of Tonj.

 A map showing Tonj


The diocesan bishop is the Rt Rev Peter Yuol Gur and he may be contacted via:


The Rt Rev Peter Yuol Gur

c/o Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazel Internal Province and Bishop of ECSS Wau Diocese,

Opposite Wau Teaching Hospital,

PO Box 110, Juba, South Sudan

Phone No Sudan: +211 926954187      

or when in Kenya: +254 716641233


More contacts can be found on the Tonj Diocese website: