Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province Schools


 Their names are as follows:-

Wau Cathedral:-

  • Sunday Basic primary School, started from p.1- p.8
  • Sunday Adult primary school, started Level [ 1]- Level [ 4].

Marial Wau Archdeaconry:

  • Pantok Basic primary school.P.1-p.8
  • Tharkueng Basic primary school.P.1- P.8
  • Tharkueng Adult Learning School. Level1- Level 4

Gogrial East Archdeaconry:

  • Linda Basic primary school. P.1- P.8
  • Bong Adoor primary school.P.1- P.5
  • Wuntim primary school.P1-P.5
  • Maliai primary school.P.1- P.5
  • Lachatem Primary School p1-p4
  • Mayanjur Primary School p.1-p.5

Akhon Archdeaconry:

  • Nyieth primary school.P.1-P7
  • Nyieth Adult learning pro. Level 1- Level 3.
  • Rual primary school p1- p4.

Twic Archdeaconry:

  • Panagok primary school.P1- p5
  • Majook Non primary school.P1- P5
  • Panlual primary school.P1-P4
  • Racayen primary school.P1- P4
  • Maker Awatawat primary school.P1- P2

Makuac Archdeaconry:

  • Marialtit primary school.P1-P7
  • Ayiok primary school.P1-P6
  • Juthic primary school.P1-P4
  • Malou primary school.P1-P3
  • Ucat primary school.P1-P2

Wunlit Archdeaconry:

  • Wunlit centre primary school.P1- P7
  • Angotek primary school.P1- P3
  • Payii primary school. P1- P3
  • Kuer primary school. P1- P4
  • Panngok primary school. P1- P3

Paweng Achdeaconry:

  • Paweng primary school.P1-P4
  • Apuk primary school. P1-P

Kuajok Archdeaconry:

  • Emmanuel primary school.P1-P4.
  • Yithliet primary school.P1-P4.
  • Wun- Achier primary school.P1- P3

Gogrial west Archdeaconry:

  • Mangar Pakal Basic primary school. P1- P6.
  • Malek – Akerec primary school.P1- p3.
  • Gogrial primary school.

Tonj Archdeaconry:

  • Tonj Centre primary school
  • Tikic primary school
  • Alich primary school.
  • Ayenina primary school.
  • Panhom Athiei primary school.
  • War- Akuei primary school.

Anan - Atak Archdeaconry:

  • Ngap- Angok Basic primary school.P1-P5
  • Madeer Basic primary school.P1- P7
  • Panyuiel Basic primary school.P1- P3
  • Pakur Basic primary school.P1- P3

Paliang Archdeaconry.

  • Rumnhier Basic primary school.P1- P6
  • Romic Basic primary school.P1- P7
  • Hathyor Basic primary school.P1- P6


Development of the Schools in the Internal Province

There are five Basic Primary Schools among the forty-Eight primary schools which are in concrete buildings such as the Sunday Basic primary school which is in the Centre of the Diocese, Piantok Basic Primary School in Marial Wau Archdeaconry, Tharkueng Basic Primary School which is also in Marial Wau Archdeaconry, Linda Basic Primary School in Gogrial East Archdeaconry and Nyieth Basic Primary School in Akhon .


Schools With Concrete Buildings and Their Activities :

As part of it's development, the Sunday Basic primary school has now introduced a Computer Practices lesson especially for primary level Seven and Eight to make pupils aware of the modern technology. More over the School Administration is now doing writing in order to operate Fans in Classes.

There are sixteen classrooms in concrete buildings, five offices for the teachers in which there are eighteenth seats inside these offices, one store, six latrines and a Kitchen.

Pantok Basic Primary School has four classrooms in concrete buildings, one office, a store, and three latrines. 

Linda Basic Primary School has eight classrooms in concrete buildings and four offices, a store, seven latrines and a kitchen.

Tharkueng Basic Primary School has four classrooms, two offices, a store, four latrines and a kitchen.

Therefore, there are about forty- three Schools which are being operating in Tukuls or still under trees.


School Challenges for the Internal Province.

  • Lack of enough people trained to be teachers for the welfare and smooth running of schools.
  • Lack of water resources. i.e. Sunday Basic Primary School has one hand pump but it has got spoiled and currently the school relies on water being bought in to school.
  • Inadequate textbooks in relation to the number of children.
  • Lack of Staff dining halls and good kitchen facilities for some schools.
  • Lack of seating benches in many schools under Wau Diocese control.
  • Lack of projects from the Diocese to build perminent new school buildings. Thirty-Six schools are working in Tukuls which must be regularly rebuilt.
  • Lack of school feeding for pupils. Some schools start operating from 7:30am - 2:00pm. Pupils leave to eat before the end the period.
  • Lack of sport materials for schools.
  • Lack of standard pupils attendence registers used for the class roll calls.