The Hope House Project

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                            Bishop Peter with his 20 orphans

The above is His Lordship Rt Rev.Peter Yuol Gur-The Bishop of the new Diocese of Tonj on 14th Aug,2016 having fellowship with his 20 young South Sudanese orphans together with his wife Deborah Achuil during his visit to Kitale (Kenya).

The Bishop shared with them a verse from the book of 1ST Samuel 3:1-10 that talks about the call of Samuel. He encouraged the kids who keenly listened and gladly received overwhelmly the message of the day.

Teaching the younger childrenBehind them in the picture is the house where the 23 children stay over their long holidays when schools are closed down. His Lordship started this mission early back while he was a student himself at St.Paul University,Limuru- Kenya in 2009.

As a servant of God, he has the spirit of savingthe lives of the young kids whose parents passed-on, some killed in the long civil war and othesr are there but got nothing at all. Moreover, most of those parents do not know the importance of schooling in a human beings life.

Some of these kids are not in school during the school hours. So the children decided to be teachers over each other during the vacations. Despite the efforts made by the Bishop to help these kids out of their current conditions, they are still in need of stationany.

he one seen teaching above is a standard eight leaver called ZACHERIA AGOTH, he can be reached via  

The Visit of Dr. Susan Mead on 27/April/2016 

                                   The children together looking smart

Among the kids are six children who are supported by Dr.Susan Mead with another colleague of hers, Rev.Susan Bently. Much thanks to the two great friends to Bishop Peter Yuol and also to the Diocese of Virginia in the USA. The boys and little kids really love Dr SUSAN MEAD as they got assurance from her when she made a visit to them in April 26th -3rd May,2016.The kids really saw the love in her as she devoted her time to them, she had much fun with them and even taught them songs,dance and advice. The children are very dedicated to school and always working hard.

sharing a meal after church


During his time visiting to Kenya, Bishop Peter Yuol takes up most of his spare time sharing biblical stories and meals with the children in Kenya. He believes that the church can only grow if the youth and young children are strengthened spiritually and socially to serve God and the society at large. He takes time looking at their academic progress, their results are always pleasing hence Bishop Peter encourages well wishers from the church all over  the world to support them and help meet their needs. 

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                          Bishop Peter and Dr Susan with some of the orphans