Gogrial Diocese - Info and Basic Contacts


Bishop Abraham NgorGogrial Diocese is a part of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Gogrial Diocese is located in Twic and Gogrial States, two of the states of South Sudan. It is located in the Bahr el Ghazal region and it borders with Twic to the north, Aweil East to the northwest, Aweil to the west, Wau to the southwest, Tonj to the southeast, and Northern Liech to the northeast. 

Administrative divisions

Governor Makuach divided Gogrial state into 13 counties which were created in February 2016. Nine of the counties are in Gogrial West and four are in Gogrial East. Makuach's plan received criticism as the Council of States recommended no more than eight counties per state.

Twic state is made up of six counties created in February 2016. These counties were created by the governor of the state. These counties are Akoc County, Panyoc County, Wunrok County, Ajak County, Turalei County, and Aweng County. Along with the creation of these counties, six county deputies have been appointed for each county. 

Towns and cities

Gogrial Town is located in Kuac South County, Gogrial State, close to the borders with the Republic of Sudan and the Abyei region. This location lies approximately 700 kilometres (430 mi), by road, northwest of Juba, the capital and largest city in that country. Gogrial, like most South Sudanese towns, sits on a riverbank. The Jur River flows north, then turns east, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to the east of the central business district of the town. This town is one of two places where former NBA player Manute Bol was reported to have been born, with some reports saying he was actually born in Turalei, where his remains were buried. As of July 2011, the exact population of Gogrial is not known. However, it is estimated that the human population within a radius of 7 kilometres (4.3 mi), from the center of town, is approximately 44,600.

Turalei is the state capital of Twic State. It is also the state's largest city, with 1,000 residents. The town is closest to the neighboring villages of Abor, Gol, and Makier. The issue of the capital became contested when Mayen Abun was decreed as the seat of state government from Turalei, the longtime capital of Twic. However the state government promised to settle the issue through a referendum.

 A map showing Gogrial

The diocesan bishop is the Rt Rev Abraham Ngor and he may be contacted via: 



The Rt Rev Abraham Ngor

c/o Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazel Internal Province and Bishop of ECSS Wau Diocese,

Opposite Wau Teaching Hospital,

PO Box 110, Juba, South Sudan

Phone No Sudan: +211 926954187      

or when in Kenya: +254 716641233


Other important diocesan staff contacts:



Communication  Coordinator: 

More contacts can be found on the Gogrial Diocese website: