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Christian Action for Relief and Development

Card LogoUnited behind the simple motto “Restoring Hope, Inspiring Actions and Transforming Lives” a new organization has been formed through the Diocese Wau to provide direct action to alleviate the most pressing social problems faced by the people living in South Sudan today.

By enabling funding partners and long term friends of the diocese of Wau to confidently contribute and by making use of its extensive connections the diocese of Wau has created a potent force for good and a witness in public faith.

Known by its acronym CARD the aim of this organisation is to restore hope, inspire a spirit of action and positively transform the lives of disillusioned and disadvantaged people, through education, improved health, economics and agriculture in South Sudan and beyond.

Food insecurity, illiteracy, and poor health facilities combine to take a terrible toll on the people of South Sudan, stifling development in a newly free country. CARD is working towards capacity building of the South Sudanese so that they are able to mobilize and utilize their own local resources for peaceful co-existence, sustainable development and for their collective and individual wellbeing. As an organization CARD believes that the most important asset that South Sudan has is its people and so it is looking to build up the people of South Sudan without segregation or discrimination and encourage them to make the best use of scarce resources for the good of all.

In a country peppered with people affected by the traumas of War and ravages of AIDS support of this nature cannot come swift enough. Already Card has established headquarters in Western Bahr el Ghazal state and has so far opened two primary schools and one clinic in the Wau suburbs. CARD is also running a small scale farm it the suburbs of Wau town.

Future plans for CARD include opening a secondary school and a nursery school in  2012 in Wau and Jur River County. CARD has also submitted its concept paper for a food security program in Western Bahr el Ghazal state in an attempt to address food insecurity there.

The task is huge but the will to achieve a positive result it is equally huge. CARD is an organization that seeks to offer the practical assistance ordinary people need to attain dignity and self reliance in life.

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